Almost time to go!

It’s at that point where I’m counting down in weeks rather than months and that’s when you know the time is getting close!! At the moment I’m mostly excited but the other morning I did wake up, open my eyes my eyes and the first thought that came to my head was ‘What am i doing??’. Every now and then I have these moments when I think too much about the fact that I’m going to Argentina for 9 months. Leaving my family, friends, my house, my bed, my language- really everything I’ve ever known. And that is both scary and incredibly exciting. The more I think about it the more I realise I am ready for this adventure, ready for new challenges and to do some more exploration of the unknown.

Finding out who my host family is and having chatted to them a bit online has really helped ease my mind of any worries about being alone over there because they are THE nicest people and seem so excited for me to arrive. I just know it’s going to make everything so amazing to be surrounded with such lovely people.

Logistically I’m yet to have sorted my visa because I’m waiting on the apostille and translation of my police check, that with any luck, should arrive within the next few days. Once I’ve done that and once I’ve paid my final lattitude fees I should be all good to go. However there is also a bunch of random little things I need to a) Think of and B) Do before i go. Things like sorting out a card that I can use to pay for things overseas. If anyone has any tips on good things to have while travelling please let me know because I know I’ll struggle to think of everything!

This post is a bit shorter than usual but it’s because I’m in that in between state where most of the organisation has been completed but I haven’t actually left on the trip yet!

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Update: It’s a couple weeks later and I’ve sent off visa application finally! Yay!



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