Mar Del Plata

*This was originally 2 posts but I thought it would make more sense to just combine them. Hope you enjoy!*

A dream come true:

So I’m on my way to Mar del Plata currently on a bus. The bus ride was supposed to take about 5 hours and it’s been 5 hours and we’re about 2 thirds of the way there because of traffic. I’m sitting on the bus bored. Annoyed at the traffic. Questioning my decision to travel on Easter weekend when I take a step back. I look out the window and think wow. Not cause of the view because it’s just been dry grass since we left Buenos Aires but because I’m in Argentina, travelling. It’s been my dream to travel when I left school for so long and since I came to South America last time it’s been my dream to return and explore more. And I am.

I’m so proud of myself. Like I didn’t put it in the too hard box or say ‘when I’m older’. As we were sitting in the 5km line for the toll box I was thinking what a waste of my day but that’s not even true. It about the journey not the destination right? Like yes I would love to get some food and be at the beach right about now but the very fact that I’m able to be on this bus heading on an adventure is something amazing.

It’s just a little reminder to myself that it’s all about perspective and a positive attitude can work wonders.

Mar del Plata:

Its really hard to capture the essence of an experience within words. No matter how you describe it, it’s difficult to express ‘the vibe’ I guess. This weekend was amazing.

From walking 16km in one day in order to see as much of the city as possible to touch games on Argentinian beaches, it was just one adventure after another.

Argentinians that I had spoken to about Mar del Plata seemed to not have high hopes for our weekend. They just recited about how crowded the beaches are and how at this time of the year the water is freezing. How the city beaches aren’t very nice, not natural. And this was true. The beaches were crowded, but not as crowded as during summer! However for us this was such a cool experience in itself, to have only one square of sand for our space and to be surrounded by other people was very different from what we’re used to back in New Zealand. It gives the place such a good vibe! Everyone is just relaxing, chatting or kicking a football around. I’m not saying I’d like to have this every day but it’s amazing to just be able to see a different way of doing things. In terms of the water being freezing- it wasn’t haha. New Zealand is a little further south than Mar del Plata and therefore we’re used to water even colder. The beaches themselves seemed man made, I’m not sure of the history around them but I might look into it. They were also very commercialised and touristy with umbrellas set out and chairs and little beach couches which was interesting.

The CHURROS!!! So I thought I’d had churros before but I hadn’t. These were churros. Crispy on the outside, light on the inside and filled with he most delicious array of different fillings-chocolate, cream and dulce de leche. Everyone had told us to go to Manolo churros and I’m glad we did. It was especially amazing sitting there eating them on the side of a hill overlooking the sea, having walked for an hour to get there.

The most amazing moment for me however was when we brought a bit of kiwi to Argentina. Having carried a rugby ball through a bus station(cause we didn’t already look enough like tourists haha) it was necessary that we put that rugby ball to use. We brought it down to the beach and were throwing it around but then decided to have a little game of touch so went over to the neighbouring little bay with less people and played as the tide came in, which resulted in soaked clothes, the ball floating on the waves as they surged into shore rather than sitting on the ground and a lot of fun. As we were already soaking we just went for another swim as the sun set and it was so magical. It really hit me just how much my home has shaped me and how it will always be part of me no matter where I am in the world. Also that no matter the differences between places there are always little similarities. For me this evening was a classic ‘New Zealand’ evening. Touch on the beach and swims as the sun sets. You may be far away, may be swimming in a different ocean and be surrounded by a different language but there will always be commonalities as long as you realise home is from within.


2 thoughts on “Mar Del Plata

  1. I just read your whole blog and I can honestly say I’m pleasantly surprised. You’re a really good writer and I’m looking forward to reading about the rest of your time in Argentina 😇


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