Until I came here I can’t say I’d ever heard much about Uruguay. Infact until today I couldn´t have picked the right flag emoji to put in the title. I’ve never heard the words ‘Oh I really want to go to Uruguay’ or the answer to the question of where someone wants to travel be ‘ Well, Uruguay is at the top of my bucket list!’ Which is a shame because this place is so cool!! I guess it must just get swallowed up in South America a bit, it’s a country half the size of New Zealand smothered between Brazil and Argentina, 2 of the largest countries in the world. Having only been here one night I guess I can’t have too much of a say about the entire country and the things to do outside of Colonia but what I have seen so far is the most beautiful town, full of amazing buildings and cobblestone streets and people that follow the road rules unlike some other countries (I’m looking at you Argentina!) Its so nice being able to cross a road without the imenent fear of death every time you do so. Here, if you cross at the corner, the cars stop and wait for you to cross! It doesn’t even have to be on a pedestrian crossing!

The cobblestone streets and colonial architecture are so amazing and make you feel like you’ve been sucked back in time. With different colour buildings decorating the streets and plumes of vibrant flowers on the trees. Interestingly Colonia was actaully a portuguese colony before it was taken over by the Spanish so there are a lot of portuguese style buildgins too. I learnt that on the tour we did, and it was pretty much the only thing I did learn because the tour was in Spanish. It´s so hard to concentrate on someone talking in Spanish for a full 2 hours and if I zoned out for even a second I´d loose the meaning of the entire bit of infomation!

Another thing I found super interesting here was how the people are even more obssesed with Mate than they are in Argentina, they carry it around on the streets while they´re walking- with a thermas full of hot water under on arm and Mate in the other.



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