Missing home

I know you’ve heard of the big wide world too

the promise of bigger things, better things

Life changing things

So you stand on the shore,

after all has been done and said

The big blue expanse stretching between you and happiness

Adventure with a capital A, is all that lies ahead.

Soon this precious heart that yearns to drift with the breeze

equally it yearns for home,

And to tread those well worn streets filled with memories

familiar ones, with cracks that can be jumped with corners easily turned.

It yearns to scale mountain paths of intoxicating air, up where the keas soar

knowing that at the top it’ll look upon the world it knows

It yearns to look somewhere and say, ‘I’ve been here before’

12 years old

9 years old



This once far off land is seen,

laying draped in clouds, and forever they seem to last

A fog that viels reality

and whispers the best times of the past

Whatever you have here, darling, you’d be happier at home’

And the first familiar thing is this voice, you’ve heard it speak before,

A voice that held a promise of better if only you dared to roam

Rays pierce the cloud, bouncing from one blinding particle to another

It dissipates, slowly but surely

Finally your open eyes are free to gaze around in wonder

They stop looking for better,

And realise what you have,

Well it’s pretty f***ing awesome.