Honestly I don´t think I need to write much, the pictures speak for themselves. This place is absolutely breathtaking.

I´ll admit I travelled to Bariloche a little bit cocky, like mate, I know mountains. Mountains are my backyard, my weekend past time, my view from the bus on the way to school. Oh there´s lakes too? Cool, we have them, they´re alright. Don´t get me wrong, I was super excited to get back to something a bit more familiar, feel the fresh air and the freedom of being surrounded by the world. But woahhhh this is something different. These are continent mountains and continent lakes. Peaks bursting from the mirror still surface with shear cliffs, the snow just managing to cling on and pine trees carpeting the hills.


However, of course this majestic beauty calls to the eyes of the world. Everyone wants a taste of the nature and moutains, and due to this the place is VERY touristy. For me, the man made things and development of a place can take away from the beauty, because you just dont have that same connection to the environment that surrounds you. For example we went on an amazing boat ride on the lake and arrived to a place called Puerto Blest and here they had built a huge hotel and restaurant. I can´t help feeling that we come to these places for a step away from the development of cities, something about these places beckons to us, our insistictive human nature to be close to the world and yet with it we bring our industralisation and ways to make money. Yet I have to just accept it for  what it is, because the reality is I am one of those tourists. Maybe I would prefer to stumble upon a secluded mountain lake during a hike on the paths less tread however beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you think to much about what it could be you miss what is.


On our way back to the airport my host dad asked my favorite part of the entire trip was and I said this place:


The picture does not do it justice. This perefctly still lake mirrored the surrounding mountain. It was so silent and still, one of those times where you just want to sit there and feel it all, breathe it in.


Ruta de los siete lagos:

We drove this famous road on one of the last days in Bariloche. It winds between mountains and lakes from Bariloche to San Martin de Los Andes, passing through Villa Angostura, a prestigous little village about an hour from Bariloche, apparently both the president and the Queen of the Netherlands have their holiday houses there. Unfortunately for us it was simply to cold to properly explore San Martin de Los Andes, you couldn´t be outside without absolutely freezing. The snow made it pretty amazing but I can definitely see the advantage of visiting in the summer, camping out by one of the lakes and hiking in the mountains.



We were so lucky that it snowed during our time there as we were able to experience Bariloche in it´s full winter glory. It made for some epic snowman building and snowball fights. Also a trip to Bariloche can´t be done without stopping by one of the many chocolate shops. I was really missing my Whittakers chocolate but it made up for it!

Also I haven´t mentioned that Bariloche is in PATAGONIA! I´ve been wanting to visit Patagonia for a few years now after we watched a video of some people climbing there in Outdoor Ed class. Such a dream come true!


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